Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, angry, or helpless?

Do you want new parenting tools to assist in gaining cooperation, respect, and connection with your kids?

Do you want to understand why you become so upset when your children "misbehave?"

Do you want to understand how to best support and guide your anxious, aggressive, or special needs children who may have been labelled with ADHD, OCD, Depression, or LD?

Do YOU struggle with any of the above and find helping yourself is hard enough without adding your child's challenges too?

I GET IT! I know how hard it is to be a parent. As a mom of three, I have dealt with the crying and tantrums of toddlers, the big emotions of elementary kids, the insecurities of preteens, and the pulling away, yet needing us, of high schoolers. I have also experienced the shame and guilt of handling a situation in an inappropriate way and feeling helpless because I did not know what else to do.

Coaching helps by guiding and inviting you to think differently about behaviors and by sharing concrete tools to use right away.

Wondering about what types of situations people have sought help for? Many parents struggle with their children's aggression, defiance, or emotional dysregulation and anxiety. Most need support with staying calm when their kids are difficult, while some need a safe and supportive space to discuss with their partner ways to approach parenting as a team.

While there are too many to list, clients often want support with technology battles, creation and adherence to boundaries, lack of respect, inadequate communication, school problems, anxiety and ADHD.

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We found Tami when our seven-year-old’s big emotions got too big and volatile for us to handle. She immediately put us at ease with her warmth, but also let us know there would be hard work ahead. Through the months that we worked together she prodded and challenged, but also knew when to let up, share her own experiences, laugh and empathize. We would heartily recommend Tami to anyone who wants to become more self-aware and empathetic — to be a better parent, but also a better human.

Christine & Adrian-Australia

This program has been amazing for my family! My daughter and I have struggled for years (she’s 20 now) and after the coaching I am better able to talk and not be triggered by her. We had an amazing breakthrough in our relationship and have not argued for the last 2 1/2 months. We have real conversations for the first time in a very long time. This program also has helped with my relationship with my boyfriend as well as my 3-year-old grandson. I feel so blessed! Tami was able to guide me through all the steps even when I really didn’t want to or know how to. She is very good at asking the right questions!


I highly recommend taking this parent coaching program with Tami. In each session I felt understood and loved, never judged. She provides a truly safe space to share your thoughts and feelings, a difficult thing at times for many parents who are struggling and feeling discouraged or embarrassed by their own behaviors. The program is both energizing and challenging, with a wealth of resources to return to anytime you need a reminder or extra support. Thank you, Tami, for bringing this program to parents!


We are parents of two kids, a 9-year-old and a 7-year-old. We reached out to Tami when our 9-year-old son started having huge emotional outbursts and other concerning behaviors. My husband and I went through the program and learned so much about ourselves and our children. We learned how to connect with them and build their self-esteem. We learned how to respond better to emotional outbursts and to help guide our children to self-regulate. Even after the program, we continued have appointments with Tami so we could continue to practice what we learned from the Jai Institute and continue our growth as parents. Tami has helped us learn about our triggers and how we respond to certain situations can impact our children. She provides support and encouragement, while also challenging us to dig deeper into certain feelings or reactions that we may have had. She also provides concrete ideas on what to do to improve a situation or how to respond better the next time around. We are so grateful for Tami. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a stronger connection with their children.

Kali & Ryan-Oregon

As the parents of seven children, and with four of them already adults, we wouldn’t have guessed that we would find ourselves working with a parenting coach at this stage in our lives. However, we’re so grateful this opportunity to work with Tami presented itself! It has made a real difference in our family. Despite having some apprehension, Tami put us both at ease with her kind, warm and non-judgmental approach. She created a space where we both could be heard and helped us recognize and work through some of the stumbling blocks in each of our attitudes and approaches. The Jai Institute curriculum that we studied was very beneficial and taught clear principles to improve relationships. However, what really made the difference for us was our weekly sessions with Tami where she helped us navigate some of our family dynamics using those principles. I highly recommend Tami as an excellent coach, and can happily report that it’s never too late to be a better parent!

Kathryn & Dan-Oregon